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REMINDERS for GIFT finalists and attendees

10 Jul

The Community College Journalism Ass’n, the Small Program Interest Group, and the Scholastic Journalism division of AEJMC welcome you and ALL attendees to the 2012 AEJMC Conference to the GIFT session on THURSDAY, AUGUST 9.  The session will be at the Chicago Marriott’s GRAND BALLROOM, beginning at 3:15 p.m.

IF YOU ARE A FINALIST — You can bring with you a POSTER DISPLAY of up to 3 feet by 4 feet to post on the display boards. We recommend PLENTY of handouts for your GIFT.  You will also receive a CD-ROM of the Summer 2012 “Journalist” with the Top 25 GIFTERs on it and a certificate of recognition.

REMEMBER — you must be in attendance if you are a GIFT finalist. You must also be present if you’re selected for the $100 “Top GIFT” prize.

If you are not one of the finalists — By all means, join in the festivities! We will have door prizes, and you’ll be able to purchase a CD-ROM of the 2012 GIFT finalists (and CD-ROMs of past years’ GIFT finalists).

See you in Chicago!  Conference details are all here:

John Kerezy