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24 Apr

There have been 54 enties into this year’s AEJMC gift competition.  This is the highest number of entries we have received since 2010.

More than 30 states are represented in the 2013 competition. Entries came from three different continents, and from both new and returning GIFT entrants.

I will post the entire list of entrants on Friday.  Mary Jean Land, who is our judging coordinator, has a team of nine judges who will assist us in evaluating the entries.

We will announe the TOP 25 GIFTERS around May 6 or 7.  Those chosen will have the privilege of presenting at a poster session at the AEJMC Conference in Washington, DC on Thursday, August 8 at 10 a.m. at the AEJMC Conference at the Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C.

J Kerezy, GIFT Coordinator