2015 GIFT Finalists selected

20 May


One of the best program activities at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) annual conference is the Great Ideas For Teacher (GIFT) competition.  A refereed activity, professors submit their best teaching tips to a judging panel comprised of fellow faculty members.  The judging panel then selects the “best of” the bunch, and those selected get to display their teaching tips in a panel presentation at the AEJMC’s Conference.  This year’s GIFT will be at 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 6, at the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco.

The Scholastic Journalism Division and the Community College Journalism Association have collaborated to make this year’s GIFT possible.  Nicole Kraft of The Ohio State University handled the entries, and Susan Zake of Kent State University directed the judging process. Without their hard work, this year’s AEJMC GIFT would not have happened. Judges received “blind” applications, meaning they did not know the names or colleges/universities of the submitting professor(s) as they evaluated the GIFT entries.

The finalists are:

FINALIST(S)                            COLLEGE(S)                                       ENTRY NAME

Phillip Motley                             Elon                                                 Modular & Symbolic Typography

Desiree Hill                                Central Oklahoma                           Producing producers: Teaching breaking news methods

Sue Burzynski Bullard               University of Nebraska-Lincoln        Taking Sides: A Debate

Cindy Royal                               Texas State University                     Jumpin’ With JavaScript

Carolyn Kim                               Biola University                                #Competition

Lisa Lyon Payne                        Virginia Wesleyan College                Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It

Catherine Strong/Grant Hannis  Massey University (New Zealand)           Developing Drone-enabled journalism students

Jessica Smith/Peter Bobkowski    Abilene Christian, Univ. of Kansas         Throwback Thursday

Kelly Bruhn/Jennifer Glover Konfrst, David Remund    Drake, Oregon        Discovering the Next PR Star

Brooke Weberling McKeever               University of South Carolina            Personal and Professional Branding

Cheryl L. Nicholas/Heidi A. Mau          Penn. State Univ., Berks               Expressions of Identity: Working with Performance

Susan Currie Sivek                              Linfield College                               Interdisciplinary Ink: A Collaborative Project …

Jeff South                                            Virginia Commonwealth University         Periscoping the News

Carolyn Kim                                          Biola University                                     Worth A Thousand Words

Nick Geidner                                         The University of Tennessee                Data Journalism: It’s all in the Name

Jan Lauren Boyles                                Iowa State Univ.                          Understanding the Data-Driven News Environment

Tim Bajkiewicz                                           Virginia Commonwealth University         Media Mentoring

Angel Riggs                                                 Oklahoma State University                      AP Style Review – Dirty Santa Style

John Freeman                                              University of Florida                               How to use Instagram as a motivator

Sharon Stringer                                            Lock Haven                                             CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)

Michael Levin/Lori T. Peterson/Hillary Warren    Otterbein, Cleveland State          Sales Sandbox:  Faculty & Student Media

Hillary Warren                                            Otterbein                         News Values and Industry Expectations: An Ice-Breaker

Adam Saffer./Maureen Taylor             Univ. of N. Carolina, Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville      Helping Students Help Themselves

Nicole Kraft/Jeremy Littau                          Ohio State and Lehigh University            Reporting on the Move: Streaming News

Susan Currie Sivek                  Linfield College         Six-Word Stories into Sequences: Visual Thinking for Video Beginners

Special thanks to our nine GIFT judges this year:
Jan Leach, Kent State University
Candace Perkins Bowen, Kent State
John Bowen, Kent State
Sally Renaud, Eastern Illinois University
Aileen Gallagher, Syracuse University
Patrick Merle, Florida State University
Mary Alice Basconi, East Tennessee State University
Patricia Dobson, Eastern New Mexico University
Jonathan Peters, University of Kansas

Additionally, many thanks to my predecessor, Dr. Edna Bautista, who was the founder and coordinator of GIFT from 2000 to 2009. Hope to see many of my fellow journalism faculty members in San Francisco in August.
 — John Kerezy, 2015 GIFT co-coordinator

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